50 thoughts on “Hoppy Easter

  1. Happy Easter Jodi. I love your painting as usual. This reminds me of the velveteen rabbit πŸ™‚ πŸ‡ But maybe he was made new with your wonderful colors. Enjoy the weekend/day with your fam/grandkids/and Charlie. I machine he’d love to chase a rabbit like this too πŸ˜† hugs

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  2. Cute bunnie! Hope you had a very special Easter. I got to spend mine with new baby Grand Niece, 3 months old and I got some holding time. And got some play time with my other 2 grand nieces ages 2 & 4 and the thrilling egg hunt. Beautiful painting makes me happy.

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  3. Benjamin and I opened “his” email yesterday after the indoor Egg Hunt. I was enchanted, not recognizing Hoppy until Benjamin said : “I know Hoppy, My Jodi painted him last year with an orange tail for me cause I love orange and she loves me!” This could explain why he always wins when we play the Good Night, Good Night, Construction Site memory game and I never do! Benjamin gave Hoppy a kiss on his nose and sent My Jodi : “Namaste, a kiss and a neckbuster hug!” I didn’t have time to post his comment yesterday when we visited and planned to come back last night to do so. But a mishap with a bottle of water and the computer put a damper on my plans. Benjamin accidentally tipped the bottle, but it was that silly Gem who gave him the bottle of water with a paper straw while sitting at the computer. Long story short, after shaking the keyboard and mouse to empty the water a scathingly brilliant idea came to me. My hair dryer set on cool to hopefully save them. Auntie H later suggested allowing them to air overnight to prevent “frying” in case it was not completely dry. As you can tell, all is well! Hope your Easter was overflowing with the very same things you wished for us! Also, some jelly beans…today is National Jelly Bean Day. My children grew up on the Russell Stover pectin ones, although they and Benjamin now favor Jelly Belly. Have you ever had Sarris Candies, they make a pectin jelly bean and some yumalicious chocolates too! Frank Sarris , aka the “Candy Man”, made chocolates in the basement of his Canonsburg, Pa. home until building a candy shop next door in the early 60’s. That is in your area of the state, but I don’t know how close it is to you. Thank-you!

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    • Benjamin remembered!!!!! He is so special and so bright Ellen! He is the first one to remember πŸ™‚ It was so popular in our Etsy shop this year I decided to share him again. πŸ™‚ So glad you water/computer issue turned out the way it did!!! We did an indoor egg hunt too – so fun with my little 2 year old sweeheart. She was so cute finding them. And OH YES to Sarris Candy! THE BESSSSTTTT! It is very close… and VERY GOOD! πŸ™‚ ❀


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