Watercolor Blues

Blue Irises Watercolor 11×14

Watercolor Blues.

I had the watercolor “blues” this past weekend.

Not the sad blues, but the HAPPY French Ultramarine and Cerulean and Cobalt Teal blues with a punch of Crimson and Quinacridone Gold for more fun!

The flowers and trees are just bursting right now during the Spring rains and sunshine creating such inspiration.

It was so wonderful to spend a few hours painting and printing and framing and organizing supplies in my art room.Β  Β Treasured, cherished, creative time…. at life in between.

Cheers & Hugs,




61 thoughts on “Watercolor Blues

  1. Jodi – I am crafting a “blue art” post for May – and was wondering if I could share a small image or thumbnail photo of this piece? It would fit right in…
    and if it is for sale on etsy I will add the link for it –
    if not – no worries

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  2. While Happy Blues might be considered an oxymoron, anyone can see these blues are indeed quite happy…and beautiful too! I say, paint those blues if it makes you happy. Thank-you!

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