Three Feathers

Three Feathers Watercolor – 11×14

Three Feathers.

Three feathers
painted at the end

of a beautiful
three-day weekend

celebrating life and love
and liberty,

celebrating family and friends
and freedom,

celebrating nature and nourishment
and nationhood,

celebrating appreciation and admiration
and art.

Cheers & Hugs,

39 thoughts on “Three Feathers

  1. If memory serves me correctly, it was last summer that you had a post with some of your watercolor feathers and the Emily Dickinson poem “Hope is the thing with feathers”. Benjamin had immediately decided that they were from an Angel’s wing and that led me to share a framed quote that hangs above my bed. Today, as Benjamin is not present for direction, I will share some words by another talented artist that appear on a framed piece of her art given to me several years ago. “Let me be as a feather. Strong, with purpose, yet light at heart. Able to bend, and, tho I might become frayed, able to pull myself together again.” – Anita Sams. Your feathers are gorgeous and your words a perfectly beautiful accompaniment…they belong together. You will have to wait until tomorrow for Benjamin’s opinion! Thank-you!

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  2. “Namaste, My Jodi! It’s me, Benjamin! They are the most beautifulest feathers ever and you are the bestest painter! The first one is my favoritest cause it is orange and blue, like Orange-Bluebird feathers. I made a rhyme : One, two, three. Three feathers just for me! Gem says that’s a really good rhyme. Do you like it too? A neckbuster hug and lotsa kisses for you. Bye and thank you!

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    • Benjamin! I don’t know how I missed this wonderful note from you! I LOVE your rhyme! And I LOVE getting hugs and kisses from you sweetie! Thanks for the note!! Sorry I didn’t get it in my feed of “comments.” I feel like there might have been a glitch (Gem might have to explain what that is to you) in technology! So glad I found this, because I always love getting notes from My Benjamin! ❀


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