A Purple Parakeet in Watercolor

Purple Parakeet Original Watercolor by Jodi McKinney 11×14

A Purple Parakeet in Watercolor.

On my purple kick this past weekend, I created a random splash of color and topped it with cling wrap to create an abstract design.

I often like to do this when I don’t have anything special in mind to paint, but just want to create!  Then I look at it – sometimes for days or longer – until I see something appear.

My oldest DIL and I were at a local event this past Saturday at Quality Gardens and Bloom Cafe in Valencia, PA with our McKinneyX2Designs art and signs, and a man asked me if I ever painted a parakeet.

I hadn’t ever thought to, but when I looked at my “blob” of paint the next day, a parakeet appeared!  Mind over matter??!!

So I painted this.  I don’t even know the man’s name (who sweetly purchased a copy each of Klaus the Mouse, and Lucas the Lucky Lion for his grown artist daughter), but this painting is lovingly dedicated to him wherever he is, in honor of the sweet parakeet he and his wife recently loved and lost.  May they somehow feel the love.  And if he ever sees this, I will surely gift him with a print!

Happy #WorldWatercolorMonth!

Cheers & Hugs,

Original, prints, and cards available at McKinneyX2Designs and Berry Vine Gifts!

48 thoughts on “A Purple Parakeet in Watercolor

  1. When Benjamin’s Mommy was just a wee bit of a girl, her favorite color was purple and it was “HERS” and only hers! Anything from the lightest shade of lavender to the deepest shade of purple was the only color of clothes that she would wear…for many, many years. Even her dolls and the beloved Purple Teddy Bear had to wear purple. Having named herself “The Princess” before she was even 3 years of age, it seemed a fitting choice. Fortunately, her older sister was not fond of purple in any hue and willingly left the majestic color to the younger. This is one of Benjamin’s favorite “It Happened Like This” stories from long ago days that I share with him. After reading your story about this colorful painting to him, he wanted me to “tell My Jodi Mommy’s purple story” because : “This is Princess the Purple Parakeet! She is the beautifulest, just like my Mommy!” We both hope that the inspiration behind this watercolor finds his way to this post, as Benjamin said : “That would be so awesome!” Thank-you x 2!!

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  2. Love he painting and your style. Since I started doing the watercolors—i become lost for an hour or two while I work on them. Memories flow back—instances from my life, family, experiences. When you touch or connect with another human being it is magic. Obviously the older man scratched something in your psyche to paint such a lovely bird—just for him and you.

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    • awww – what a sweet thing to say! thanks so much! these kinds of little notes enourage me so much! I appreciate you so much! I just realized I said so much three times – LOL!


  3. Stunning and it kind of reminded me of my cat’s favourite meal…but let’s not get distracted by that:) I loved the painting and since I am constantly trying to improve my skills: could you tell me what kind of brushes you were using?

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