A New Old Vanity Set for the Grandie Girls’ Room

A New Old Vanity Set for the Grandie Girls’ Room.

I have been waiting and excited to share this post for a while.  July was full of watercolor paintings for #WorldWatercolorMonth and then there was Cookie Week last week, so I am finally getting around to sharing my latest home project.

I am blessed with the great fortune of having wonderfully generous friends and relatives!  My most recent “gift” is a beautiful antique vanity set from my cousin, Rob.

This vanity set was his beloved Mom’s and was a wedding gift to her.

It still has writing on the bottom of a couple of the drawers with names and dates.

So you can see it is at least 84 years old since it is dated “January 12, 1935.”

I adore it so much!  Not only because it is beautiful, but because of the special-ness it holds as a family heirloom.

I chalk painted it up and reupholstered the chair to match the rest of one of my favorite rooms in my home – the grandie girls’ bedroom.

You may recall what the room looked like a few years ago when I shared it here after  learning I was going to be a first-time grandma to a baby girl.

The room has evolved since then, and is now shared by two grandie girls.  Oh the joy of listening to them during a “nap” break recently chattering away until one, and then the other, fell asleep, but not until  many books were looked at and laid all over the floor with a few pillows and dolls tossed about as well.

It is now filled with wonderful “hand-me-downs” from generous friends and relatives – cherished pieces that all have special meaning!  But most of all it is filled with the joy and love that only comes from being a grandma – my favorite name in the entire world!

Cheers & Hugs,

41 thoughts on “A New Old Vanity Set for the Grandie Girls’ Room

  1. Creativity just flows through your veins! I’d wager it could be detected in your blood count, were there means to measure it. I am so impressed by what you have created from a much loved vintage vanity table and bench. I adore that covered bench and can just imagine those darling girls enjoying this set as they grow up. How marvelous that the drawers are inscribed! My Gram’s house had several of these, sadly I was not in line to inherit one of them. I am sitting at a dressing table that belonged to my Mother-in-Law, that was a wedding gift from her parents. It was refinished by my Son many years ago and is used as my computer desk these days. The mirror frame was beyond repairing, so it has been missing all these years. This piece resides in the room that Benjamin calls “his room”, seems only fair that the computer be considered “ours”! I cannot say that “his” room is as lovely as the Grandies, he is a boy…no frills allowed! Thank-you for sharing!

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  2. What a beautiful, welcoming room. Being a grandmother is a second chance to to have fun doing all the wonderful things that we might have missed with our children because we were just too busy.

    I love giving a second life to furniture. We have many such pieces in our home. You did a great job!

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  3. I remember when you first posted the room a few years ago, Jodi! And look at it now! So filled with love, pretties and precious memories to hold onto, including the beautifully remodeled vanity set! Thanks for sharing this part of your heart! 🙂 XO

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