Ho Ho Hello!

Original Santa Watercolor Painting by Jodi McKinney 11×14

Ho Ho Hello!

Popping in with a Ho Ho Hello
and this plump and jolly ole’ elf
Santa watercolor painting.

Hope you all are doing well.

I’ve been busy at work
and busy having fun with my grandie girls and family.

I’ve also been splashing about a bit in my art room
and decided to paint this chubby guy for the holidays!

Because you know…..
Nobody likes a skinny Santa!”

Cheers & Hugs,


27 thoughts on “Ho Ho Hello!

  1. Yes , by you being you , you add val-ue …
    That is true …
    The ship heading forward joyfully with the crew , …
    The dreams are now here with nothing to pursue , ( you already have them energetically ) …

    Faith is so strong and
    the ocean is blue …
    Expanding together, awareness grew ,
    Yes , Eckhart Tolle , we have got a new earth too ,
    To a new conscious level  , our minds flew ,
    Jumping higher in degrees like a Kangaroo, …
    Question starts with a Q,
    Answers are here to view ,
    In your awareness to review ,
    Enlightened members are not only a few ,
    But growing in numbers for real and the timing is  ready and due ,

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  2. Namaste, My Jodi! It’s me, Benjamin! And, Gem! We were so surprised to find your letter and so happy! Guess what? I am having a humongous Gem Sleepover! Two yesterday nights and one more tonight. We went to Maine yesterday with Auntie “H”. It was so much fun. We are going Pumpkin Patching today. And going on a for real hayride and other cool stuff. I really, really love this Santa! You get Two Thumbs up and 10 Gold Stars cause he is so awesome. And I love My Jodi too! You get a zillion kisses and super big neckbuster hugs. Thank you and Bye! Oh, Gem loves your Santa!

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    • Hi Benjamin and Gem! Soooooo good to hear from you! I went on a hayride and pumpkin pickin with my grandie girls yesterday. It was so much fun. I know you two will have a ball!!!! Enjoy your humongous gem sleepover! Hugs and lots of love!!!❤️❤️


  3. Made me smile! Great to see you again and glad you are having such a wonderful time with your grandies and family! Keep cherishing the moments!
    Perhaps sometime the Santa could have 2 certain elves join him?? 🙂

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