A Special Cookbook from Mom

Feeling nostalgic – and hungry LOL – and remembering giving this cookbook to my youngest son for Christmas one year after he left home. He still uses it.

As you contemplate gifting and shopping, remember to give gifts from the heart.

My request this year from my son – – a schedule of Sunday Christmas dinners that I can cook for the fam! 🙂 Hope I get it!!

Cheers & Holiday Hugs,

the creative life in between

Nicks Cookbook from mom

I have one more special little homemade Christmas gift to share this week.  This is one I was excited to give to my son, Nick.

Nick had requested I put a cookbook together of his favorite recipes I make, and especially those that are EASY, so that he will have and be able to make wherever life takes him.

For the cover of this little book, I used a photo of our kitchen in the frenzy of pots boiling, cookies cooling, and flour and sugar and other ingredients out on the counter.  I am hoping as he takes this little book with him throughout his life, he will remember the smell and feel and love of our family kitchen.

For the intro page, I wrote Nick a short note:

Nicks cookbook from mom introduction page

Nick is a chicken lover, so I tried to remember all of his favorite chicken dishes.

nick cookbook chickfila chicken sandwiches

But remembering the “easy” part…

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23 thoughts on “A Special Cookbook from Mom

  1. I made one for Patrick when he masked. Sometimes in Florida I call and request details of a recipe in his book. I also included ones Jack, his mom and my mom he liked.
    He uses the pot roast, five hour stew wine chicken and spinach all’s often.
    Great idea for new families.
    Thanks for reminder of something so precious.

    Kathleen 🤗💕

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  2. I love the message you wrote for your son inside his cookbook. ❤️ Made me tear up a bit…
    I agree, it IS gifts from the heART that are the best gifts! 🎁
    I need to make one of these cookbooks for myself! 😉 I can never seem to find that favorite recipe…


  3. What a cool idea!!! I remember having several phone conversations with my son on how to cook his favorite dishes when he got his first apartment in college. I should have just written them down and sent them to him!


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