After the Rain

After the Rain.

After the rain,
we walked at the park.

The grass was greener,
the air was fresh and clean.

The sun warmed,
and the blossoming trees popped

almost as if they were
smiling with the joy they knew I felt.

My heart swelled a wee bit more
like it so often does

in moments spent
with my grandie girls.

Mommy told Grandie Girl 1
about the time she spent playing ball on this field,

and asked her if she thought she
would want to do the same some day.

The sweet, high-pitched voice
in the miniature, but too-fast growing body,

responded so excitedly
and affirmatively

like she most always does,
wanting to be just like mommy.

And I smile at both of them with their muddy shoes
from the stop we made along the walk to float dandelions in the creek.

I steal a glance at Grandie Girl 2,
who is grinning and squealing with delight

as if to affirm her agreement
and wanting to be just like her big sister.

These are the moments…
the sweet precious moments.

After the rain.

Cheers & Hugs,

Autumn Weekend Wandering

mcconnells mills 101715

McConnells Mill State Park, Lawrence County, PA – 101715

Rocky trails,
a rushing creek,
earthy smells of Autumn pines.

A churning mill,
a covered bridge,
sunshine, clouds, a slushy sleet surprise.

Laughter and love,
reminiscing and remembering,
moments to cherish always.

An Autumn weekend afternoon
wandering with
one of the besties of bestie friends.

Nothing is ordinary
nature is EXTRAordinary
when we cherish life in between.

mcconnells mills 101715 1

McConnells Mills State Park, Lawrence County, PA 101715

Cheers & Hugs,