Autumn Weekend Wandering

mcconnells mills 101715

McConnells Mill State Park, Lawrence County, PA – 101715

Rocky trails,
a rushing creek,
earthy smells of Autumn pines.

A churning mill,
a covered bridge,
sunshine, clouds, a slushy sleet surprise.

Laughter and love,
reminiscing and remembering,
moments to cherish always.

An Autumn weekend afternoon
wandering with
one of the besties of bestie friends.

Nothing is ordinary
nature is EXTRAordinary
when we cherish life in between.

mcconnells mills 101715 1

McConnells Mills State Park, Lawrence County, PA 101715

Cheers & Hugs,

53 thoughts on “Autumn Weekend Wandering

    • Thanks Deb! I sorta really want to try watercoloring the first – in a style you talk about – my interpretation – not actually what it is – could never do that…. Any tips?!?? πŸ™‚

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      • ok. my ‘suggestions’…. 1.get a b/w photocopy of the image this helps you see the Tones, much better 2. reformat the image crop i.e. a vertical or oval or circle Change it up. you’ll be less compelled to Duplicate 3. choose a Focal point 4. choose a semi limited palette quin sienna will help, prussian, perylene green for deep inky dark 5. jot down notes on how you plan to lay out your tonal values, so that you have clear tones. 6. your plan in place? now…. 7. set a timer. this helps u Not Fiddle 8. have paper #2 ready so you can jump over to it, if you get antsy Also. before any of that – write down what that place means to you, the feelings it evokes. Think of how you can convey that to your viewers. CHEERS! debi riley

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      • sometimes…. I find I just have too much going on to deal with art ‘successfully’ and have to let it Rest awhile. otherwise I get cranky. crankier. LOL thats just me. And, yes, BASICS – are always good!!

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      • I did a little painting today that will post tomorrow that I am a little bit more happy with and feel joyful about – much in part to your encouragement! Thank you! But…. (sigh) I still want to paint beautiful abstract like you! some…. day…. πŸ™‚

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      • time….. you do Lovely things!… I was SO jealous of that last autumn photo you took. 😦 yes. green. and your leaves, mounted on card, and your deserts, hmm. shhh Debi. list is getting too long. cranky face coming!


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