Rubber Ducky Diaper Cake

rubber ducky diaper cake

Looking for a fun baby shower gift?

How about taking a box of disposable diapers and making it into a “cake!”

Yesterday, I shared my Rubber Ducky Watercolor Card.  Here is another part of the gift that goes with it.  A gift bag full of baby hooded towels, and I am ready for the shower.

This is so simple to make.

I re-purposed an aluminum serving tray and hot glued a cardboard paper towel holder to the center.  I then took an 88-count box of Pampers Swaddler Diapers, rolling each diaper and holding it together with a rubber band.

Begin by placing the rolled diapers around the center paper towel tube.  Tie together with string, and then surround with another ring outside that.  Repeat four times for the bottom layer.  Then make the middle layer with two circles and the top layer with just one circle around the paper towel tube.  Cover the string/rubber bands with ribbon and make a decorative bow.  Decorate your cake with various rubber duckies and/or any other “theme” you choose to complete your gift cake.

Those of you that have been “lifeinbetweeners” for a while might remember the Birthday Money Cake I made for my son a few months ago.

Isn’t it fun to find creative ways to bake make cakes?!

What are you baking up today?

Cheers & Hugs,


26 thoughts on “Rubber Ducky Diaper Cake

  1. This cake is so adorable! “A rubber duckie diaper cake.” Such a creative idea for a baby shower gift. You have so many awesome ideas and ‘different’ recipes. I always look forward to your post in the morning!

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    • Thanks Christine! I would love to do that – but not sure anyone would buy when there are so many wonderful blogs and Pinterest available at our fingertips. 🙂 Someday I hope there is some kind of book in me. How is yours coming? You are working on one aren’t you?

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      • Jodi, you’ll know when it’s time for your (craft) book. You have unique ideas that will appeal to that specific market. Thanks for asking about my book(s). One coauthor (memoir book) is slow in getting material to me, however we are progressing nicely. Another coauthor (non-fiction book) is looking for publishers’ interest before we put more work into it. And in between I fit in work on my own memoir book. Along the way I’m learning a lot about publishing & marketIng. It’s complex! Happy Spring! Christine

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