Forsythia Confusion

forsythia watercolor card

Some of you may recall that Charlie mentioned yesterday how we saw Forsythia blooming right now in our little corner of the world….

in Mars, PA  –  where we are getting ready to transition from Fall to Winter in the next few weeks.

How could this be?

Forsythia blooms in the Spring!

It is one of the first signs of Spring.

Maybe we are skipping Winter this year…..

Wouldn’t that be a hoot!

Seems Mother Nature is very confused.

I do have to admit, it was quite exhilarating to see this unique and out-of-place pop of yellow Springyness amidst the stark brown Autumn branches.

So exhilarating that I felt compelled to do a little watercolor of them.

Cheers & Hugs,



66 thoughts on “Forsythia Confusion

  1. We’ve noticed in years past that sometimes warm spells in the fall/winter seem to make plants think it’s spring. We’ve had daffodils poke out in January only to be covered by several inches of snow. 😜 A burst of yellow is always lovely. And much as I don’t care for winter, hard cold helps to kill off ticks and I would rather have that than a balmy winter. 😊

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  2. That’s lovely! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen this plant before.
    My Camellia should be in bloom now, but is not. I think it’s the drought behind that. We are only allowed to water two times a week for 10 minutes each time. I don’t think it’s enough for it.
    Days are still warm, but nights, and mornings are down right cold here now. Winter is coming here too. I hope Winter isn’t too hard this year out your way, but I’ll take a rainy one! 🙂

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  3. I would love to skip winter too but I think it’s necessary to keep us all in balance so as the saying goes “bring it on”. I wouldn’t mind if we could cut it short, say just two months maybe? But your lovely Forsythia is a joy and a beautiful painting. What a wonderful treat!

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  4. I love your cool semi-abstract painting, Jodi! The blooms really remind me of the flowers on the bush. I grew up with these bushes and we have one now in our yard that’s not blooming (I had to check!), but our pink rose bush has new buds and has never stopped blooming yet! It’s definitely been a strange season, but as you say, so much fun to see what will happen next! 😀

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    • So nice to hear from you, Laura! How awesome you still have roses! Are you still painting them?

      I was trying to paint something much more detailed and complicated than this and got frustrated and decided to just do something loose and easy 🙂

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  5. We got hit with a bad wind storm yesterday where I live and have been without power for almost 24 hours. Burr, it is cold without heat! 😳
    Your flowers are so sunny warm. A lovely painting that has brought warmth to my day! Thank you Jodi! 😊🎨💜

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    • Thanks Lynn – we are getting ready for the weather to change this weekend. It was close to 70 degrees this week, which is extremely unseasonal! going to make 40’s this weekend that much more challenging, but I’m looking forward to winter and the fun holidays ahead.

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  6. I have an azalea bush in my front yard that is currently sporting a single, pink bloom! Maybe these things are mother natures’ last hurrah before the harsh reality of winter hits? But I’m glad you got to enjoy your forsythia while you still can!

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  7. This weather has my garden confused, too. My rose bushes are blooming all over again. I love the warm autumn we are having but the climate change is a little scary. Your forsythia painting is beautiful and I admire your skills, Jodi!

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