The Empty Nest


The Empty Nest

Today you stretch your wings
and show us how we taught you to fly.

Today you pack up all the things  you have and need
to make your own life and home.

Today you say good-bye and I love you when you walk away,
but you don’t come back to stay.

Today you take my love with you
and know it will always be here.

Today you leave the nest.
and memories are sneaking out of my eyes and rolling down my cheeks.

Today and always, I am so very happy for you… so very proud…
but I can’t help feeling a little emptiness in the very core of my soul.

Today you begin creating your own nest
but please don’t forget you will always be a part of mine.

Wishing you the best… today and always
from my full momma’s heart..
and empty nest.

Cheers & Hugs NCM  ❤


52 thoughts on “The Empty Nest

  1. Awww Jodi!! Great big (((HUGS)))) to you!!! Love this poem for your dear son! He is so blessed to have you as a Mom!!! Let the memories roll down your cheeks, you earned them 🙂 But remember there are SO MANY memories to still make! Just in a new way 🙂 Love ya!

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    • I love the pooh quote – that is staying with me all day……. so blessed to love something so much that it hurts to say goodbye. he’s not moving far though thankfully. Another stage in the circle of life. So proud of him. So happy for him. ❤

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