Babette the Bunny


“Babette” pink-orange-gold-abstract-bunny-watercolor-9×12-140lb-fabriano-artistico

The weather was so warm here for a couple days this week, it felt like Spring!
I don’t remember ever having 60 degree weather in February.  Even the birds were singing and celebrating.

The Spring-like weather must have been the inspiration for “Babette” the Bunny who somehow came to life one evening after dinner.  No drawing – just started painting the eye and then splashing water and pink and orange and dabs of quin gold in the shape of a bunny.

And as for her name, it must have come from the hours of binge-watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix I’ve been doing since Christmas.

It was fun to create a Springy painting on a Springy February day.  Fingers crossed I’m not inspired to paint snowy landscapes in May the way our wacky weather has been this year!

Cheers & Hugs,


65 thoughts on “Babette the Bunny

  1. This painting is beautiful Jodi! I just love it! You are already thinking about Easter. LOL! It was beautiful here yesterday and today it is suppose to be 63 degrees. Tomorrow it is suppose to be 66 degrees. Sadly, it is just a tease because winter isn’t over yet.


  2. Wow….that is warm for this time of the year! Cute bunny and I love the minimalism except for the eye….love how you did the eye! The eyes has it, you know? I haven’t watched the Gilmore Girls in years. Should I watch them old ones before I ever watch the new installments?

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    • Thanks Margaret – Yes – the eye is the only thing I wanted to be realistic and hopefully draw the viewer in. I just finished Gilmore Girls and tried to go straight to the new set – and I didn’t like it at all. Watched about a half hour and didn’t like. Maybe I need to give it some time – hard to jump ten years in a day. LOL!

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