My New Creation Station

My New Creation Station / Art Studio is just about done.

A few pieces of art need framed for the walls and some fabric is needed for a window treatment, but besides splashes of paint and scraps of paper on the floor, we are about done.

Hubby has been working so hard this past month transforming  a 22′ x 13′ bonus space we had in our home into a usable space for a few of my “creative life in between” hobbies.

Duct work had to be moved for the air flow of heat and air conditioning.
A cold air return had to be added.
Recessed lighting and a ceiling fan were installed.
Walls were painted.
Flooring was laid.  (And I’m so grateful to my son, Nick, for pitching in last Saturday to help Hubby with the underlayment, padding and laminate flooring.  They did it all in a day!)
Trim was stained and cut and nailed in.

And then I got to start filling it with my painting and stamping and crafting and sewing and photography supplies.  The weekend was spent cleaning out a walk-in-closet that could not be walked in anymore and an office that doubled as a craft room.

Our large garbage receptacle was filled.  The office is now streamlined and breathable.  The walk-in-closet can now be walked in.

It was cleansing and fulfilling and back-aching and tiring work, but so wonderful to accomplish.

And one of the best parts about it all is the only new things furnishing my art studio (besides lighting and fan and flooring) are the Husky Adjustable Wood Work Table and Chrome Shelving Hubby bought me for Valentine’s Day and the fabric organization boxes I bought to organize things in.

Leftover cans of paint from other home projects were used to paint the walls and ceiling.

A very old 8′ folding table that was stashed in the basement, as well as a small four-drawer wooden baby dresser, got a fresh new look with a coat of Tuscan red chalk paint.

I’m keeping one tall wall clear and open for possible photography use.  I received the reflector and Genaray light for Christmas.  Another little spot houses my light box for photographing smaller things.

Another corner is reserved for sewing.

A very special corner is set aside for grandies and other children that may visit with a small child’s art desk that holds a roll of paper (gifted to use by some very special peeps), plastic drawers filled with wooden stamps and a carousel of crayons and markers.

It’s been fun organizing paints and supplies.  I even created a long-needed paint chart for my watercolors and am trying to decide which 20 colors to add to a new palette.

Enjoy this little 30-second Hyperlapse visit of my new little Creation Station.  Can’t wait to splash it up!

Cheers & Hugs,

PS – If you can’t view hyperlapse video above, click here to watch video on Youtube.

66 thoughts on “My New Creation Station

  1. I can’t view the hyperlapse, but I’m hoping you’ll post some photos as you settle in. I remember when my younger brother moved out and my mother finally got her sewing room…it’s so wonderful to have a space dedicated to creating. And what a wonderful family, to encourage and support you. I’m smiling along with you! (K)

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  2. So excited for you, Jodi! Your new Creation Station is the perfect spot to make beautiful art. Creating it was a true ‘labor of love’ from your whole family. I love that you included a special creative space for children, too! Have fun, fun, fun, my creative friend! ♡

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  3. oh Jodi, I am so happy for you! Your creation station is perfectly fabulous, a spot or surface for every kind of painting or craft, plus sewing and photography! I have a studio space off my kitchen in Birmingham, but I have to keep things pretty neat, plus a big garage space that can be messy and workable when it’s not too hot or cold, but at the beach house, I am cramped and forever frustrated! Ha, that’s a terrible complaint isn’t it!! Anyway, please write more about your reflector and photography techniques, I really need to learn more and your photos are always stunning. Light is such a challenge when I have to take food photos mostly at night, I’ve got to figure something out! I took a photography class, but didn’t really learn a thing… a total waste of time! I look forward to seeing your creation station as you put more Jodi touches on it! Have a wonderful week!

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    • I am still learning about the reflector and haven’t used it much, but when I can’t take photos in natural lighting or outdoors, the lightbox is a great tool and I love the new Genaray portable light – it really helps light up space when inside and dark. I added a link for the genaray light and the light box in my post. Both are super worthy investments. I have used the reflector of some photos of my granddaughter and it really helps brighten too, but much to learn about using appropriately. It is reasonably priced also and link included.

      I know what you mean about photography class. I did the same, and quit halfway through as it wasn’t what I was looking for. I was looking for more hands-on usage tips and techniques and it was more technical. I wasn’t “in the mood” for that – LOL!

      Anyway – hope the links are helpful. I’m just an amateur finding my way. 🙂

      Appreciate your support Jenna!


  4. I’m so happy for you! And the link worked just fine for me. I’m so glad you have your very own space for all your creative projects, and even a little space for grandkids! Definitely worth all the work you and your husband put into it. And if you think about it, creating a creative space was a creative project all by itself!

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