An Upcycled Bookstore Bookshelf

An Upcycled Bookstore Bookshelf.

Upcycle… DIY… Recycle… Repurpose – whatever you call it – I am thrilled with the job Hubby did (with a teensy bit of help from me in the painting department) taking this used bookstore bookshelf and converting it into a beautiful matting and gift wrapping station for my art studio.

This old bookshelf is one of the few items I received of my brothers after his passing recently.  It was from his bookstore, and his life’s passion was books.

This is what it looked like when we got it.

Hubby sanded it down and patched it up.  He added wheels to the bottom so it could easily be turned around since it was a double bookshelf on both sides, and he made a beautiful top for it.  I painted it with red chalk paint to fit into my art studio.

I put my mat cutter on top and boxes of matting board on one of the shelves.  It makes a great spot to cut and frame art work or photos.

I filled a bin with ribbons and bows and buckets with gift tags, tape, and scissors.

When turned around, I loaded the shelves with a variety of gift bags – plain, all occasion, birthday, wine, and holiday.  An old canning pot sits beside the bookshelf filled with rolls of kraft and wrapping paper as well as old maps (which make great wrapping paper too.)

I’ve long been wanting a special place to store supplies and have for wrapping gifts, and I am thrilled with how this turned out.  It is a great addition to my Creation Station/Art Studio not only for its purpose but for the memories and special meaning this piece has.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there today!  Enjoy your day – doing the things you love – with the ones you love – at life in between.

Cheers & Hugs,

40 thoughts on “An Upcycled Bookstore Bookshelf

  1. What a wonderful idea to repurpose an old shelf! I love the way it turned out and what you are using it for! I especially love that it had belonged to your brother. Happy Mother’s Day Jodi!!


  2. That looks like an incredibly handy thing to have! And I love that you were able to put your brother’s bookshelves to such good use. Now you have a pretty piece of furniture, a practical work station, a useful storage spot and a keepsake of your brother all in one. A winner, any way you look at it!

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  3. Happy belated Mother’s Day, Jodi! 🌸👑🌼
    This repurposed shelving cart is awesome! I am sorry I missed seeing the few posts in this past week. A sincere hug sent your way. xo
    I had a lovely late evening yesterday at my oldest daughter’s house. She had to work but had invited me to stay at her house, hang with her boys until her day ended. Then, she made steak, broiled asparagus, spinach salad and grilled onions and mushrooms. (Plus a coconut cream cake.) Her boyfriend was there to chat and keep us all entertained. 🙂

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