A Pansy for Your Thoughts

Purple Pansy Watercolor - 6x9 140lb Saunders Hot Press

Purple Pansy Watercolor – 6×9 140lb Saunders Hot Press

A Pansy for Your Thoughts.

I painted this pansy one night this past week, and it kept “speaking to me” in a thoughtful way.

It just keep saying, “A Pansy for Your Thoughts.”

Anyone that knows me well, knows I’m a bit of a “deep thinker.”  In fact, you might say I overthink things.  But it is who I am, and now that I’m in my fifth decade of life, I’m pretty okay with it.  A nice place to be.

So today, I just wanted to share a bit of me, and I’d love to hear about a bit of you.  You know… A Penny… A Peso… A Pansy for Your Thoughts.

I care what people think…
about me…

I really wish
I didn’t.

But I always want
everyone to like me.

And if they don’t,
it bothers me – a lot.

And it is not possible for everyone to like me.
I really do “get” that.

But it still troubles me,
no matter how hard I try.

My head
understands this.

But my heart,
which I prefer to think with,

Or just can’t help
but to think with…

just can’t wrap
its arms around the notion.

Is it just a part
of my DNA?

That is what
my personality assessment reveals.

I’m a High “I”
not matter the circumstance.

So I truly believe,
though I wish it weren’t so,

I will still think this way
if I live to be 108.

Do you care what other people think…
about you?

A Pansy
for your thoughts…

Cheers & Hugs,



43 thoughts on “A Pansy for Your Thoughts

  1. Oh yes. Women are definitely raised to please.
    On the other hand, tests reveal I can’t really determine what people are thinking (I’m very bad at reading body language and facial expressions), so I’m really never sure if people like me or not…
    I love your pansy. One of my favorite flowers. (K)

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    • That is very interesting that testing has revealed you are bad at reading body language and facial expressions. I am intrigued by that. I wonder what your brain thinks or sees differently? Very interesting indeed. Wonder if there is an online test for that? I think I will look for – LOL! Glad you like my pansy. I was pretty happy with it in the end.


  2. Really lovely watercolors and such a touching poem. It would seem we all want people to like them, to feel accepted and part of a community. As I get older, I do seem to move past the people that don’t care for me much easier than when I was young.

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  3. Oh wow Jodi, we need to sit down over a carafe of coffee, better yet Vino and discuss this. I think we both have this same DNA trait. Even when my husband tells me,”let it go”, I just can’t. The past few days I can’t stop wondering why a HS “friend” unfriended me on FB. You see I just thought that she quit posting anything on FB for the past few months, when another friend said, “did you see what —– posted”, then I realized she had unfriended me. And believe you me, I can’t stop thinking about it…what have “I” done… Even my BFF said, “why did she do that? What’s her problem”. But I can’t stop thinking what’s my problem. I completely understand Jodi! On that note my friend…
    Have a great day,

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  4. I’d like to believe I am just more aware of others feelings… I am much like you, Jodi. ❤ I grew up being told I was “too sensitive!” But it is who I am and like you, I really don’t see myself changing. 😊

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  5. I love your pansy Jodi – it’s beautiful!

    As for your other question, do I care what other people think of me? I had to think about that for a few moments. My answer is not a straight “yes” or “no”. I do care what people think of me but only up to a certain point. I try to be mindful of what kind of impression I give other people of myself – I want to give people a good impression and I do want people to like me. But, at the end of the day, I am who I am and I have to be true to myself. I’m a strong and independent person. I love it when people leave nice comments about my photography or art and follow me but if they don’t, they don’t and I’m not going to lose any sleep over it. I get people “unfollow” me all the time on Flickr (I have over 2200 followers there) but these are usually people who are not genuinely interested in my photography and art anyway. Some people only “follow” you because they want you to follow them in return and not because they are genuinely interested in what you do. I’m not interested in those people. I think you do worry less about what others think as you get older (I’m 52) and as you get older you have a better view of what’s really important in life. At the end of the day, I’m not interested in winning any popularity contests…. You’re a lovely person Jodi and if people “unfollow”, “unfriend” you or appear not to like you for some reason the problem is them not you – just be yourself! and be happy

    I’m not at all sure I’ve helped in any way Jodi but I hope you have a great weekend.

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      • I see… ! I think the same principles apply. I make a point of trying to get on well with my neighbours and co-workers etc. but I’m not going to worry too much about what they think of me or worry too much if they don’t like me. I think you just have to be yourself and be happy with who you are. On the other hand I do care very much what my family think of me – I deeply value and respect their opinions and views. But still have to be true to myself regardless…..

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      • I really do admire people that can be that confident and not worry what others think! Funny thing is I don’t even consider being different. Lol. I just feel bad. Oh brother. Huh ?!? 😝. And you are even younger than me. 😉. I’m 54 I try to be tough on the outside. But then. Oh I guess I think too much! Hard to articulate my crazy feelings. 😊. But I will work on it. 👍

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      • We’re all different Jodi! It’s very easy for all of us to over think things sometimes. Logic dictates that if you haven’t done anything wrong then you don’t need to feel bad – but life is never that simple is it? LOL

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  6. I love your honesty, Jodi! Helps the rest of us admit we are the same way…. I think it is part of human nature to enjoy the affection and high esteem of other people, so to some extent or another, we all want people to like us (and understand us). The trick is to not let that control how we live our lives. The older I get, the more I try to live according to my own values and listen to my own voice and stop seeking so much affirmation from others. I try not to let it bother me when someone clearly doesn’t like me very much. But of course, the key word is “try.” Ultimately, I remind myself that the people I love and like best also love and like me, and that’s good enough!

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    • “the trick is to not let that control how we live our lives.” such great advice – such profound wisdom. I really don’t try to change me, but maybe I just think that – not sure. What bothers me is that it bothers me – LOL! – My subconscious cant let it go sometimes, and I’ll have strange dreams about it. Anyway – that’s just crazy me – likely shouldn’t reveal such strangeness – but I never want anyone to think I’m wonder woman and do it all and everything is perfect. I’ve got that sometimes – like how do I find the time to do what I do etc. I feel like all I (we) have is time – it is what we choose to do with it – what makes us happy. I am babbling and likely not making much sense. Truth is there are no particular issues – It was just what swirls around in my crazy head! Oh Ann – do you get me at all???!!! lol!

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      • I get exactly what you are saying! And I do the same thing sometimes..can’t let go of it when I can tell someone doesn’t like me. I wonder what I did or said, and then fantasize about doing it differently and better. But in the end, we just have to let it go.
        And I get what you mean about wanting to make sure people don’t understand you’re trying to project the image of a perfect life on your blog. You do an amazing number of things, and very well, and that’s great. Your blog is also very positive, which is your intent and also a good thing. But that doesn’t mean you are perfect or your life is perfect! I’m not as productive as you, but I also keep my blog positive, and have had people tell me that they can’t imagine I’m ever depressed, or angry, or petty. And of course I am all those things at some time or another! So in response we just be a little more honest in our blogs and try to convey that all of us imperfect people can still focus on the positive and help one another.
        Sorry for the long response, but seriously, I have used your and your blog as an example to follow more times than you’ll ever know. You’re just you on it, and yet you do your best to give your readers something good and worthwhile with each post. And you explain yourself very well…..


  7. The first time I discovered that someone didn’t like me I was shattered. I couldn’t figure out why and I never have. Later in my 20s I realized that not everyone would like me and I should just accept it; however, that just isn’t in my nature. As I get older it doesn’t bother me as much. I figure it’s more their loss than mine. In my eyes you are perfect in so many ways and talented to boot. I’m sure that people who don’t like you are just jealous.

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    • Oh Carol. I get it. And thank you – you are so sweet! You only know the best of me that I share though 🙂 We are all human! I really appreciate the sweet note ❤


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