Splashing in Quinacridone Rose & Gold

Quinacridone Rose Abstract Floral Watercolor - 8x10 on 140lb Arches Cold Press

Quinacridone Rose Abstract Floral Watercolor – 8×10 on 140lb Arches Cold Press

Splashing in Quinacridone Rose and Gold.

A little diversion from my recent watercolor animal rhyme series back to one of my favorite things to paint – loose, abstract, impressionistic florals!

I broke out my brand new 20ml tube of Royal Talens Rembrandt Artist Quality Watercolor Quinacridone Rose that I won for FREE from Charlie at Doodlewash for #WorldWatercolorMonth.  It was just one of 15 amazingly huge, juicy, luscious 20ml tubes, along with 3 beautiful bottles of Ecoline Liquid Watercolor Paint and 4 markers that I will have hours of fun playing with.

Quinacridones are a favorite of mine.  For this painting, I used three colors, Quin Rose, Quin Gold, and Olive Green (DS) in some big and some small layers and bubbles and strokes.

Oh what fun it was, and I kinda love how it turned out.  This one is going into our McKinneyX2Designs ETSY shop, where I sell original paintings, prints, and cards, and my daughter-in-law, Colleen, makes fun and beautiful rustic signs and decor for the home from reclaimed pallet wood.  (Feel free to check it out and help us spread the word!  And as a thank you from us – if you refer a friend who places an order and lets us know they were referred from your name via the blog, we’ll send you a free box of cards – your choice!  AND if you place an order and let us know you saw it here, we’ll also send you a free box of cards along with your order!)

Thanks again, Charlie, and Royal Talens North America for the beautiful Rembrandt Paints!  I LOVE the Quinacridone Rose and find it to be as lovely as my Daniel Smith and Winsor Newton versions of the same color.

Can’t wait to experiment with more!

Cheers & Hugs,

P.S. If you’d like to learn more about Royal Talens North America, who was so extremely generous with this beautiful gift, join me in signing up for their newsletter HERE!

41 thoughts on “Splashing in Quinacridone Rose & Gold

  1. First – this painting is gorgeous and the colors so lovely! Second – I am not an artist by any stretch of the imagination. Third – I do so admire all of you talented watercolor painters and your love of the process. All of which leads me to say that I am finding this World Watercolor Month fascinating. When you first mentioned winning these watercolors, I went to Charlie’s Doodlewash site and was smitten. I am not an artist, but love art! I am amazed by the multitude of different paints, brushes, etc. that are available. Thank-you for sharing and I must check your ETSY shop too!

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    • I’ve only been doing it about 2 years. So much out there. I was clueless too when I began. So many types of paper and brushes and paints. And it really does make a difference !! So fun and so challenging.


      • Only 2 years!! I am more in awe of your talent than ever! My only art these days is crayons with Benjamin in his coloring books. I’m not even that good at staying inside the lines on those big pictures. I repeat – no artist here!

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      • I honestly would have said the same thing two years ago. it’s just all about what you’re interested in and what you practice 😉👍🎨


  2. Well this is GORGEOUS!! I love this, Jodi! 😍 And I’m thrilled you’re enjoying the Rembrandt paints. They’re awesome aren’t they?? And Royal Talens has been such a generous and supportive sponsor of World Watercolor Month!!

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  3. Oooh, Jodi! You are so good at creating exquisite florals! 💮 I am truly in awe! I do such finite drawings which are a little tedious but great fun. I will probably one day have to try this style out and yours are gorgeous! . . . a hard act to follow, dear. ❤

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