A Yellow Flower for Terry

Terry's Yellow Flower of Friendship Watercolor 7 1/4 x 8 1/2 Artistico 140lb Cold Press

Terry’s Yellow Flower of Friendship Watercolor 7 1/4 x 8 1/2 Artistico 140lb Cold Press

A Yellow Flower for Terry.

I have a friend named Terry.
His favorite color is yellow.
His husband’s name is Gary,
and they have a dog named Roxy.

Terry is a father,
a son,
a brother,
and a husband.

Terry is a handsome man in the fifth decade of life.
About a year ago, Terry and Gary sold their home in Texas,
bought a travel trailer and had plans to travel the country,
including a visit to Mars, PA, where I live.

About a year prior to that,
Terry began having some pain and health issues.
He knew something was very wrong.
Terry discovered he had cancer.

For the past two years,
Terry has sadly become increasing more ill.
The cancer is taking over his body.
But it has not, cannot, and will not kill his beautiful, loving spirit.

One of the many joys of blogging
is the community of other bloggers
and some very special friendships that are formed,
like the one that I have formed with Terry.

I’ll never forget the special way Terry made me feel one time in particular.
About a year ago and about a year into my new adventure in watercolor painting,
I painted and shared a not-so-great watercolor painting of a red boat.
Terry, in all his sweetness, told me it was “priceless” and he “would pay millions for it.”

So overcome with his kindness,
I offered it to him as a gift.
I sent it to him,
and he posted this beautiful way of thanking me:  It’s a Jodi

Terry and Gary never did get to do the traveling they had planned.
They now reside in Florida, living in their travel trailer,
but Terry has spent more days than anyone would wish
at doctor’s appointments, chemo and radiation treatments, and the hospital.

My sweet friend Terry
is now on hospice care.
He has made the choice to live out his final journey
at home with those he loves in peace and comfort and love.

After seeing Terry’s post yesterday
and thinking of him so much,
I decided to paint a yellow flower of friendship
for a beautiful friend.

Dear Terry,
please know how much you are loved,
what an impact you have made on so many,
and how I will always remember you when I see yellow flowers.


P.S.  If you would like to visit Terry’s blog, please click on any of the hyperlinks provided throughout this post.  I know it would mean so much to him and Gary if you would post a little note to him.  If you do, please tell him how much Jodi loves him!

Watercolor:  Winsor & Newton New Gamboge, Daniel Smith Olive Green, Perylene Green, Perylene Violet.

66 thoughts on “A Yellow Flower for Terry

  1. Jodi, I am crying. What a beautiful post, what beautiful words and what a beautiful yellow flower. Terry has touched so many and I am going to miss him so so much. I cried yesterday when I read his post, but I knew soon it will be time, and soon I will open my computer and not see his email there of his post.
    Every yellow flower will remind me of Terry from this day onwards. Thank you Jodi, for being so special and such a comfort to Terry always. ❤

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      • Dear Jodi,

        I was so touched by your post “A Yellow Flower for Terry.” You have become such a dear friend to Terry (and also to me) over the past couple of years. Although I have attempted to remain in the background and to not directly comment on any of Terry’s posts since his writings have been about his personal thoughts and own feelings and I did not want to take away from his creativity, I had to take the time to comment of this very special post that you had done as a tribute to Terry. I have continually enjoyed Terry’s daily posts and also found it very special to read all the replies for his faithful followers. Your comments to Terry over the past couple of years have always been notably so gracious and your words of encouragement to him while he has attempted to remain so strong in dealing with his cancer will forever be appreciated by me. As Terry’s life on earth soon comes to a close and his new adventure begins in heaven, I too (like many of his blogger friends) will now smile every time that I pass by a yellow flower as it will constantly remind me of your tribute and your priceless “Yellow Flower for Terry” water-color painting gift to Terry. It will help to remind me that despite the upcoming void that I will experience in losing Terry I know that all will be okay and I can cherish all the memories of our special friendship and of our love..It will also give me comfort to know that Terry as a result of his honesty and creativity in expressing various aspects of his life has been so fortunate to have formed such great friendships (such as yours) and to have made such a profound impact upon others thru his courage. Although I have not directly corresponded with you before, I feel that I have gotten to know you through your dialogue with Terry and I would like to keep this communication alive (carry the torch for Terry so to speak). For now, I would at least like to share my personal email with you and any of the other fellow blogger friends of Terry and hopefully I will be privileged to receive correspondence directly to me as the time soon draws nearer…..I certainly will need friends such as you and any of the others who Terry has formed such a close bond over the years to hopefully help me to get thru the grief and to constantly remind me to keep my head up high (no matter how difficult it will be for me). Again, I appreciate everything that you have done for Terry. You are a true friend to Terry and myself. Love always, Gary

        My e-mail address is: gdrabczuk@gmail.com

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      • Oh Gary! So so so lovely and wonderful to hear from you. You know I love you too! 🙂 I feel like we know each other too! We will for sure keep in touch my friend. Please give Terry as tight of hugs as he can bear from me and let him know I love him. I will be here for you. And maybe we can still have that visit sometime to Mars in honor of Terry if and when the time is ever right. For now, you just love each other. Many many thanks for reaching out. My email is mckinneyjodi@gmail.com. xo

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  2. Oh, Jodi! The beauty of your painting is only surpassed by the heartfelt and loving tribute to Terry. I have only followed Terry’s blog since clicking onto a comment from “Spearfruit” on your blog. Terry is a courageous man and an inspiration, I wish that I had discovered him long ago. Bless you for being a devoted friend. Thank-you for this touching post.

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  3. Oh, Jodi! The beauty of your painting is only surpassed by the heartfelt and loving tribute to Terry. I only discovered his blog by clicking onto a comment from “Spearfruit” posted on yours. Terry is a courageous man and an inspiration, I wish that I had found his blog long ago. Bless you for being a devoted friend. Thank-you for this touching post.

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  4. I am so saddened by Terry’s last post…I have been following him for about a year now and have been praying for him…you’re a very special person Jodi and bring joy to many people besides Terry. Thank you for this beautiful flower….

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  5. Jodi, this post is beautifully done. There is so much more I could add in this comment, but I’m sure you understand when I say that any further words will reduce me to a blubbering mess. But thank you, thank you, thank you.

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  6. What a beautiful tribute to this man and those who love him, Jodi. The change in this once vibrant looking man is just so difficult to see. God bless both of them and God bless your heart and feelings in such a touching and caring way.

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  7. I’m so sorry for your friend Terry, and his husband! Cancer takes far too many precious lives. But I’m glad that you were friends with him, at least for a while, and that your art and friendship gave him so much joy and comfort. Of course I’ll write a note on his blog…thanks for providing the link. And thanks for being a blessing to someone who is in need of it.

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  8. A beautiful yellow flower just for me. What a gift from a person who is a gift to me and my life. This one is priceless also and I would pay multiple millions for it. Thank you Jodi, you are a true friend and I value our friendship always. And I cannot forget the most important part of this comment – I love you too. 🙂

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    • If you would like it dear Terry, just email me your address, and I’m happy to send. You have been in my heart so much these days, and I am so so so glad to hear from you and know you saw this. I have to admit I had a funny feeling you wouldn’t. Forgive me! I just had to express my love and share the wonderful wonderful man you are!!! xoxo LOVE YOU! ❤ ❤ ❤

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