A Yellow Canary Named Terry

A Yellow Canary Named Terry.

Today’s post is a collaboration with my friend, Gary, from Spearfruit, in honor of our beloved Terry.

Gary wrote this lovely little poem late one night and shared it with me, so I knew I had to create a Terry canary as beautiful as I could, so we could share this little story and our love for a great man named Terry.


There once was a yellow canary named Terry
who had a good friend named Gary.

Terry lived in a birdhouse high in a tree in the city of Tampa
close to his good friend’s camper.

Terry was so full of life with vigor and glee
as he continued to blog in his house in the tree.

Then early one day, Terry became very sick
and from that point forward his health went down quick.

No matter the pain, no matter the grief
Terry always felt better and a little relief

when he blogged to his friends who provided him love
no matter his struggles or thoughts from above.

Then one day when Terry was perched in his tree,
he got a sweet gift from his good friend Jodi.

The gift was a yellow flower that was painted with love
to remind Terry that things are much better above.

From that point forward Terry raised his head high
and did his very best to hold back his cry.

Terry knew it would soon be time to let out his last chirp
so he got himself ready to depart this dear earth.

Although Terry is no longer here perched in his tree
his friends all know that his spirit is with me

Love his best friend, Gary.

Cheers & Hugs,


If you would like a 5×7 or 8×10 print of this painting or a box of greeting cards, you can order at McKinneyX2Designs on ETSY by clicking here or by stopping by Berry Vine Gifts in BradfordWoods, PA.

52 thoughts on “A Yellow Canary Named Terry

  1. Jodi,

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!! I am so impressed and very grateful to you for creating the yellow canary named Terry so quickly and for incorporating my poem along with your artwork.. We make a great team ! Yes, I am sure that Terry is smiling right now and giving us a 2 thumbs up on this one ! Luv Gary

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      • Thanks Jodi. I will get with you off line about this. Also, sent you an email of another issue where I might need some automation help for a post for tomorrow if it doesn’t take much time away from you. I am leaving in a moment and won’t be back until around 8 PM and won’t be within cell phone or email reach until then. If my email is self-explanatory then feel free to set up and if not clear or too difficult for you, no problem…I’ll try to find an alternate way to do the post. I’ll check my text, VM and email when I return to see what you think. Thanks Gary

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