My Top 20 for 2020

My Top 20 for 2020.

  1. Do more things that matter not for money, but because they matter.
  2. Share smiles so genuinely that others can’t help but smile back.
  3. Hug tighter.
  4. Allow time each day to bask in gratitude.
  5. Create more. Paint more. Write more.
  6. Read more.
  7. Love myself more.
  8. Encourage others to love themselves more.
  9. Spend more time with those I love.
  10. Live each day as if it is the legacy I am leaving for my grandchildren.
  11. Embrace the wrinkles I’ve earned from a life of smiles and laughter.
  12. Treasure the tears of loss that wouldn’t happen if I hadn’t loved.
  13. Show respect for my body by eating better and moving more.
  14. Show respect for the earth by using less plastic and creating less trash.
  15. Respect myself enough to not accept disrespectful actions of others.
  16. Do not apologize for asking probing questions.
  17. Do not apologize for being a strong-willed woman.
  18. Speak kind words.
  19. Listen with an open mind and open heart.
  20. Cherish all the moments.

Happy New Year!

Cheers & Hugs,

41 thoughts on “My Top 20 for 2020

  1. I must say that your vision for 2020 is twenty-twenty! Might I also just say that your Top 20 should be everyone’s Top 20 intentions for the year too! It would helpful to have a visible reminder of one’s goals, so do consider adding this as a print that could be purchased on your McKinneyx2Designs shop. “You don’t think your way into a new kind of living. You live your way into a new kind of thinking.” – Henri J. M. Nouwen. Happy New Year to You and Yours! Thank-YOU!

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  2. Happy New Year Jodi ! Great Reminder which is probably why you do these things Every day of your life. Hope you had a beautiful friends & family Christmas. Hard for me to believe I made it to 2020. Its such a “futuristic” sounding date, I don’t think I expected to be living in 2020. What a glorious life too! Fully intend to make it a fabulous year too! I’m on your bandwagon 100% . Hugs!


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