The Colors of Summer – In Watercolor

orange and yellow zinnia 5x7 watercolor 140# Arches Cold Press

orange and yellow zinnia 5×7 watercolor 140# Arches Cold Press

Some of you may remember a photo I shared of the first day of Summer of an Orange Zinnia I have on my back deck that I called The Colors of Summer.

A few of you suggested I should try watercolor painting it, so here it is…

The Colors of Summer in Watercolor.

Hope you are feeling the sunshine and warmth of Summer – if not where you live – at least in this little painting.

Cheers & Hugs,



46 thoughts on “The Colors of Summer – In Watercolor

  1. This is a hot one, no doubt! Looks like you used lots of patience to keep those petals from running into each other, nice work Jodi! I like the way you left the background less intense to give the eye a resting place, and the little tiny hair detail inside the flower is cool too! (Biology wasn’t a good class for me, no clue what those little hairs are called lol). Question for you: Do you prefer realism or abstract work in WC? Or do you not have a preference? Idk what’s happened to me, maybe it was the acrylics, but I seem to want to go abstract all the time now. Although you do lots of realistic WC though so maybe you’re totally different! πŸ’›

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