A Slice of Pineapple in Watercolor

pineapple slice

Watercolor Pineapple Slice 8 x 10 140# Hot Press Arches

I had so much fun painting my pineapple for my Be Like A Pineapple post about a week ago, that I wanted to do pineapple again.

This time I decided to do a juicy slice.

Pineapple is such a wonderful summertime fruit.   It is delicious to eat all by itself, but it also pairs well with so many things – like the Pineapple Blueberry Salsa recipe I shared last month that I made to go with Fish Tacos.  It’s delicious in rice and chicken dishes (like my Crock Pot Hawaiin BBQ Chicken Wraps with Pineapple Slaw), fruit salads, in upside down and Hummingbird Cake (oh do I love that!), and frozen in sorbet and sherbet.

What is your favorite way to eat pineapple?

I painted this pineapple slice on Arches Hot Press like I did the other as I love how fluid it allows the watercolor paint to flow when painting this luscious fruit.  The colors I used were Lemon Yellow, Azo Yellow, Cadmium Yellow, New Gamboge, Raw Sienna, Burnt Umber, Green Gold and Sap Green.

Have a sweet day!

Cheers & Hugs,


69 thoughts on “A Slice of Pineapple in Watercolor

  1. Jodi, this looks just like a pineapple slice! Great job!! I remember when your, Be Like a Pineapple, post came through but when I went to comment on it, it had been deleted. I never saw it come through again. I was going to comment on it that it looked just like a pineapple!

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  2. I’ve got inspired by your earlier Pineapple and already bought one at home! So will be doing it soon! Loved this one too Jodi!
    This time you’ve used Hot Press which one do you prefer for painting? Cold or Hot?

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  3. fantastic! wonderful design, colors, tones on this and a lovely sense of Vivid color saturation. HP is a great paper to use for this, Jodi – great experimenting with papers!!
    this is one that would be great as postcards/prints/ home decor on your shop…. great seller I think 🙂

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  4. You do a great job with pineapples! I love them too, and am now craving one…. And you also made me remember how much I used to love pineapple sherbet. I wonder if they still make that? Velvet Freeze used to have the absolute best pineapple sherbet!!!

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  5. Gorgeous Jodi. I can picture this hanging in a kitchen or the hallway to the kitchen, with some paintings of other fruit. You picture really does look juicy and tasty. My fav way to have pineapple is fresh, by far. However, in Pineapple Beans, and on pizza are also good.

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