A Bumble Bee Named Buzz

Buzz the Bumble Bee 8x10 Watercolor 140lb Saunders Cold Press

Buzz the Bumble Bee 8×10 Watercolor 140lb Saunders Cold Press

A Bumble Bee Named Buzz.

On the edge of a meadow lives a bumble bee named Buzz.
He lives near his aunt and his uncle and his cuz.

Aunt Sally, Uncle Sam, and Sherman they was.
They love Buzz more than any other in Americas.

Sherman and Buzz love to play and dance because
It is what all the bumble bees in the meadow does.

So if you see dancing bees and think your eyes are a fuzz,
don’t be surprised if it’s Sherman and Buzz.

Cheers & Hugs,

This is just one of a series of fun animal watercolor paintings and rhymes I am pursuing.

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Watercolors Used:  Daniel Smith Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Orange, Indigo, Perylene Violet, Permanent Rose, Olive Green, Perylene Green.

57 thoughts on “A Bumble Bee Named Buzz

  1. Benjamin will be all abuzz for Buzz the Bumblebee! He loves bumblebees,ants and butterflies. I have always been fascinated with bumblebees because they should not be able to fly. I suppose they missed that memo! I recently learned that female bumblebees have pollen baskets on their legs to collect pollen grains to take back to their young. Your watercolor is absolutely beautiful and the poem adds so much fun. Thank-you for another delightful post. P.S. Benjamin won’t be here until tomorrow, he will be overjoyed with Hedy and Buzz!!

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  2. Benjamin visiting to tell Miss Jodi that Buzz is the “best bee” and “the flower is really pretty.” Benjamin wants to say that “I love bumblebees and ants, but Mommy doesn’t!” He also wants you to know that he “loves Buzz’s wings and the story is silly!” Thank-you from Benjamin and Gem!

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  3. I had saved this one to comment on Jodi. It’s wonderful. The texture of the Bumble Bee is perfect as is the movement you create in him Getting pollen from the flower l, and even in his wings, ready to fly when he’s done gathering pollen.

    I’m so love the vibrant colours as well!

    Liked by 1 person

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