A Sprinkle of Christmas

Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree Watercolor 10x13

Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree Watercolor 10×13

A Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree.

Because every week needs
a little sprinkle of Christmas.


I am having so much fun creating some holiday art.

You see, our little McKinneyX2Designs business is participating in the
Mars Holiday Craft Show that is only one month away!

It is one of the biggest holiday craft shows in the area
with hundredsΒ of crafters and artisans selling their
handmade items in both the Mars Middle School and Mars High School
with a shuttle bus that transports shoppers between both venues.

We will be at the Mars High School on Saturday, November 18th
from 10-4 with Colleen’s beautiful rustic pallet signs and decor
and some of my watercolor art.

If you can’t make it to this fun event, you can always visit our ETSY shop
or stop by Berry Vine Gifts in Bradfordwoods, PA.

Wherever you find us,
we will be sprinkling a little bit of Christmas!

Cheers & Hugs,


94 thoughts on “A Sprinkle of Christmas

  1. This watercolor Christmas Tree is exquisite! It definitely evokes the spirit of the holidays and I usually resist until late November, at the earliest. Your talent with a paintbrush becomes more evident with each painting. I’m hoping that the craft show brings great success for both of you, it should! Thank-you for sharing this marvelous watercolor!

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  2. Your tree painting reminds me of our Christmas 2016. Your painting is great. Last year we had a Christmas Tree in our front window, but outside on our front Deck. Fire is such a big concern we didnt dare bring it inside where our major source of heat is a wood stove. I loved it outdoors, it got snowed on and rained on and twice got ornaments blown off. We cut it down at Thanksgiving and decorated it with family Thanksgiving Day. Being outdoors it never dropped leaves or dried out. Good luck with your craft fair. Beautiful job, love the bare trees surrounding it and I think I see a few ornaments on it.!

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  3. I love that tree, Jodi! And I agree that “every week needs a little sprinkle of Christmas!” I love craft shows, especially around the holidays when people are displaying their Christmas creations. I wish I was close enough to come to yours…..

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  4. Hello! I love your painting you have amazing tallent! It would really mean a lot if you could maybe have a look at my blog and tell me what you think of it! Its my first time doing something like this and I’m just testing it out and seeing if I enjoy it and so far I am:)

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