Kathy’s Bluebird in Watercolor

Kathy's Bluebird in Watercolor - 11x14 140 lb cold press

Kathy’s Bluebird in Watercolor – 11×14 140 lb cold press

Kathy’s Bluebird in Watercolor.

I finally remembered to post a bird painting on the right day for Draw a Bird Day which a gang of friendly, artistic bloggers celebrates of the 8th of every month (when we remember!).

Kathy, who blogs at Backyard Bird Nerd, always supplies us with plenty of great inspiration with her bird photography.  She recently captured a photo of an Eastern Bluebird that caught my eye and inspired this very loose interpretation.  I used her bird as a model, but had fun splashing it up in the loose style I love to do.  I took some artistic license in changing the piece of wood to a twig, adding the tail feathers that were hidden in her photo, making it a bit more of a summery, green scene instead of winter, and having some fun with color.  Awww – the beauty and freedom of art!

Cheers & Hugs,

This bluebird painting is dedicated to the memory of my brother, Johnny, whose birthday would have been today.  RIP John P. Towle – February 8, 1964 – December 27, 2016.  You remain in my heart always.

This painting (original, prints, and cards) is available at McKinneyX2Designs as well as Berry Vine Gifts.

Daniel Smith watercolors used:  Cerulean Blue, Indigo, New Gamboge, Cadmium Orange, Olive Green, Perylene Green, Alizarin Crimson, Burnt Umber.

50 thoughts on “Kathy’s Bluebird in Watercolor

  1. Benjamin says “I love the Orange-Bluebird and I only say orange now, not ornange.” I read to him about Draw a Bird Day by a gang of friendly, artistic bloggers. I asked him if he knows what artistic means…”Yes Gem, that is My Jodi”! I must agree! Thank-you x 2!!

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    • Hi Ellen and Benjamin! Great to hear from you! And I think we should rename the bluebird to blue and orange bird, because orange is really a big part of it too – right?!

      Hope you are doing well! Hugs from Mars!


  2. You know me, so I got to ask….I can see all the colors, except Alizarin Crimson, was it in a mix for the branch? Also wondering is your cad orange made by Winsor Newton? It seperates orange to yellow and mine doesn’t from DS its pretty smooth

    Beautiful painting for Brother John. Hope you frame it and keep it, til your next painting for John. Just curious what was your brother happy doing, what was one of his hobbies?

    Love Benjamin’s “Orange-Bluebird”. Straight forward description

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  3. You bluebird painting is so good, Jodi, and it’s a very sweet way to remember your brother on his birthday. I know that art can be a way of coping with the hard things in life, and I hope that painting helps you cope with your grief. Sending hugs your way…..

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  4. I may have told you last year, possibly another time you talked about your brother how hard losing a sibling must be. . . My heart goes out to you, I hope he sees this from where he perches and keeps an eye on his special, dear sister ~ You. 💞

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